Master Dieter Roser


Master Dieter Roser has always had a passion for the fighting arts. Starting out at a young age in Karate and later studying Wing Chun, Western Boxing, and some Eskrima, he was already an accomplished and well-versed martial artist when his Balintawak Arnis journey began in his mid-20s.

During the winter of 1980/81, at the time an active member of the SEK (German SWAT team), he traveled to Cebu City, Philippines in search of a system of Filipino Martial Arts that would help him to enhance his knowledge and skill in stick/baton and knife techniques and would integrate well with his work as a law enforcement officer. While there, he looked into several schools and styles, including Balintawak and Doce Pares. It was, however, when he met the late Master Rene Capangpangan – a fellow LEO with whom he had the good fortune to train the Baraw Sugbo knife system – that all the pieces fell into place. Master Capangpangan took Master Roser to the home and school of the Atillos in Mambaling, Cebu City and introduced him to Grandmaster Crispulo ‘Ising’ Atillo and his father Vicente ‘Inting’ Atillo.

The speed, power and precision of Grandmaster Atillo and his father’s demonstration of their Balintawak Arnis system as well as their friendliness and openness in sharing their knowledge convinced Master Roser to commit to learning their style. He would stay and train with the Atillos in Cebu City for several months, as much as work allowed him to, each year until 1986.

With his meticulous attention to detail and passion for the martial arts Master Dieter Roser kept honing and sharpening his skills in the Balintawak Arnis system, striving for technical excellence and practical applicability over three and a half decades of researching, studying, training, and teaching the art to his fellow police officers to help make their daily work on the streets as safe as possible. Having spent the last ten years of his 40-year career as a full-time tactical trainer Master Roser’s invaluable expertise is sure to positively influence generations of future tactical trainers to come.

Now enjoying his well-deserved retirement from active duty, Master Roser shows no signs of slowing down, still exploring new techniques and methods to make his training more efficient and effective, teaching his explosive expression of Atillo Balintawak to his students and conducting seminars for interested civilians regularly. His outstanding martial arts skill and knowledge, training intensity, passion for the art, sense of humor, integrity, and appreciation for his students are a joy to experience for everybody who gets a chance to meet him on or off the mat.

While the martial arts are a life-long passion of Master Dieter Roser’s and an integral part of his life, nothing is more important to him than his family and his extended family of close friends and students.