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What is Balintawak Arnis?


Balintawak Arnis is a Filipino Martial Arts style that was founded in 1952 in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines when Grandmaster Venancio ‘Anciong’ Bacon broke away from the Doce Pares Club along with other disenchanted members to form what would quickly become the Balintawak Self Defense Club. Among those who followed Grandmaster Bacon were such masters as Vicente ‘Inting’ Atillo, Timoteo ‘Timor’ Maranga, Delfin Lopez, and others.  Many more students and fellow Eskrimadores were instrumental in supporting Grandmaster Bacon and his modifications and innovations, for example Grandmasters Atty. Jose Villasin, Teofilo ‘Pilo’ Velez and Ted Buot.

Balintawak Arnis is a close-range fighting style focused on developing strong body mechanics for defense and offense, and developing lightning-fast reflexive responses to various methods of attack and defense with and without weapons. The main training tool to achieve this is the single stick system of Balintawak Arnis. The explosive speed and power of a Balintawak demonstration by advanced practitioners and masters regularly dazzles onlookers, often stunning the audience into silence.

Many famous Eskrimadores emerged from the Balintawak Self Defense Club such as Grandmasters Atillo, De La Rosa, Elizar, Gaabucayan, Maranga, Tabimina, Taboada, Villasin, Velez, and others.

Today, Balintawak Arnis is recognized and practiced in many countries the world over thanks to the efforts of the Masters and Grandmasters and their students.

This website is dedicated to promoting and furthering the techniques and spirit of Balintawak Arnis and Filipino Martial Arts in general, as well as the style of Grandmaster Crispulo ‘Ising’ Atillo in particular.