About Us

Atillo Balintawak Germany


We are a small band of Balintawak Arnis and martial arts enthusiasts training and teaching the Atillo Balintawak Arnis Eskrima system under the supervision and guidance of Master Dieter Roser, the European representative of Grandmaster Atillo.

The system is compact and focused on improving reflexes and body mechanics and training the fighting spirit Balintawak Arnis is revered for. A student is first taken through the basics of offense and defense very thouroughly. Training then progresses to Atillo Balintawak’s drilling methods to install the combinations of offense, defense and counter mechanisms learned in the basic moves into the nervous system.

Training in Balintawak Arnis is very demanding physically and mentally, but incredibly rewarding. Every martial artist, regardless of style, can benefit greatly from studying this wonderful Filipino martial art.

We are not a commercial school or association and training is conducted in relatively small groups. We like exchanging training and knowledge with other martial artists and regularly do so on a national and international level. A good, respectful, and friendly student-teacher relationship is of utmost importance to us and is the best breeding ground for successful Balintawak Arnis training.

If you have any questions or comments, you can find the relevant contact information here.